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The Hunter

$59.00 USD

All the wonderful Hunter details are fully engraved on a hand-selected piece of wood to create this intricate wall hanging. The artwork is from my original design and has been laser engraved. If you know someone who is a bit of a geek and you need something unique, then this is the perfect gift.
Inspiration for the Hunter design came from a piece of artwork in Joel Silver’s office, a painting of a Rastafarian warrior. The final design featured an insectoid head and tusks extending from the mandibles, but was otherwise basically humanoid in physiology, enabling it to be portrayed by a performer in a suit, who could walk unassisted by wires or harnesses. It was a low-tech approach, but, in this instance, the best solution to a specific set of problems.

SIZES Available:

MEDIUM 11.5 x 7.5 x 5/8 inch (290 x 190 x 16 mm)
Material: Alder wood
Frame not included (you can ask for it)

MINI: 7.8 x 6 x 5/8 inch (200 x 150 x 16 mm)
Material: Alder wood

We offer the possibility to customize your poster on the rear with a custom message, this will make your poster unique and is perfect for a gift !

Just select “CUSTOM MESSAGE" and then simply write me your customization text “in quotations EXACTLY how you’d like it to read” in the Notes section of checkout!

*** Please keep your customization under 10-12 words ***